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Thursday, April 9


TH9.15.01 Informal Urbanism in North America (PART 1, Proposal for a two-panel session) Trinity (2nd floor)Anthony Barnum • Renia Ehrenfeucht • Nabil Kamel • Gregory Morrow • Renia Ehrenfeucht TH9.15.02 Low and Moderate Income Housing Issues in the City and Suburbs Balmoral (2nd floor)Carolyn Adams • Whitney Airgood-Obrycki • Adrienne Holloway • Mark Lindblad • Jeongseob Kim, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology • Adrienne Holloway TH9.15.03 Community Engagement in Research and Grassroots Action Windsor (2nd floor)Tara Bengle • Davia Downey • Miatta Echetebu • R. Allen Hays • Lilian Knorr • Davia Downey TH9.15.04 Urban Blight, Gentrification and Redevelopment Sandringham (2nd floor)Dwayne Baker • Molly Ranahan • Glennon Sweeney • Michael Webb • Rachael Woldoff • Michael Webb TH9.15.06 Jobs across space and over time: innovative applications of data from the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program Marti (lobby level)Jessica Fisch • Kate Lowe • Joshua A. Warner • Laura Wolf-Powers • Laura Wolf-Powers TH9.15.07 Citizenship and Inequality in Urban Education Provision Star Isle (lobby level)Brandi Blessett • Gregory Larnell • Elizabeth Smith-Pryor • Brandi Blessett TH9.15.08 Religion, Identity and Community Action Palm Isle (lobby level)Mirsad Krijestorac • Gordana Rabrenovic • Barry Rubin • Tonya Sanders, Morgan State University • Gordana Rabrenovic TH9.15.09 Preservation of Memory, Place Making and Local Belonging in Mexico City Raphael (2nd floor)Adriana Aguayo • Angela Giglia, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana • Margarita Pérez Negrete • Maria Ana Portal • Angela Giglia, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana TH9.15.10 Urban Design Policy Hibiscus (lobby level)Helene Littke • Cesar Wagner • Sabina Deitrick, University of Pittsburgh TH9.15.12 Developing sustainable mobility schemes for urban areas Cambridge (2nd floor)Blaise Bordeleau • David King • Ken Steif • Kathleen Meghan Wieters • David King TH9.15.13 Shrinking cities: New challenges for urban planners Godfrey (lobby level)Stéphanie Benoit • Andrea Sarzynski • J. Rosie Tighe • Daniel Kuhlmann, Cornell University • J. Rosie Tighe TH9.15.14 Exploring the limits of globalization Alhambra (2nd floor)Sukumar Ganapati • Craig Townsend • Jill Tao, Incheon National University • Kailas Venkitasubramanian • Jill Tao, Incheon National University TH9.15.15 Global City Sydney Michelangelo (2nd floor)Alex Lawrie • Roberta Ryan • Bligh Grant, University of Technology Sydney • Peter Walsh • Ronald Vogel, Ryerson University TH9.15.16 Devolution, Privatization and Special Purpose Governance Structures Flagler (lobby level)Jack Lucas • Douglas Ihrke, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee • Daniel Pasciuti • Douglas Ihrke, University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee TH9.15.17 Revitalization efforts and its impact on the economy Dupont (lobby level)Shelley Buchbinder • Amanda Micklow • David Padgett • Mary Rocco • Mary Rocco TH9.15.18 Public Incentives: How Effective Are They in Generating Public Benefits? Tuttle (lobby level)Michael Henderson • George C. Homsy • Eric Stokan • George C. Homsy TH9.15.19 Addressing Economic Inequality after the Great Recession: Policy, Planning, and Reshaped Landscapes of Opportunity in the City Gusman (lobby level)Marjorie Visser, University of California, Davis • Nina Martin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • Edwin Melendez • Lisa J. Servon • Edwin Melendez TH9.15.20 Moving through the City Oxford (2nd floor)Chelsie Anderson • Kun Liu • Sébastien Lord • Katie Perumbeti • Yasminah Beebeejaun


TH11.00.01 Comparative Housing and Urban Policies Alhambra (2nd floor)Jolanta Aidukaite • Khaled Alawadi • Robert Chaskin, The University of Chicago • B. Shine Cho • Robert Chaskin, The University of Chicago TH11.00.02 Using Making Connections Data to Explore Influences, Experiences and Perceptions of Urban Life in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Balmoral (2nd floor)Julia Burdick-Will • Megan Gilster • Amanda Roy • Carlos Siordia • Anita Zuberi • Catherine Haggerty TH11.00.04 Efficacy of Mixed Income Redevelopment or Organic Mixing Sandringham (2nd floor)Helene Belanger • Rachel Garshick Kleit • Naka Matsumoto • William M. Rohe • Ramona Stone • Helene Belanger TH11.00.05 The politics and language of race Escorial (2nd floor)Sharon Navarro, University of Texas at San Antonio • Edith Barrett • Sylvie Paré • Sylvie Paré TH11.00.08 Community Organizing and Social Movements Gusman (lobby level)Anna Domaradzka • Luis Martinez • Xiaoyi SUN • Adam Uddin • Jonathan Davies TH11.00.09 New directions in the study of non-profits Tuttle (lobby level)Karl Besel • Hediye Kilic gorunmek • Kumaran Kumaran • Zachary Wood • Michelle Wooddell • Kumaran Kumaran TH11.00.10 Design, Access and the Right to the City Hibiscus (lobby level)Te-Sheng Huang • Joern Langhorst • Frédérique Roy Trempe • Igor Vojnovic • James DeFilippis TH11.00.11 Questions of scale: the regional dimension to tackling climate change Crandon (lobby level)Jörg Kemmerzell • Ugo Lachapelle • Georges A. Tanguay • Ugo Lachapelle TH11.00.12 Regulating land-use: 'disciplining' private property rights Godfrey (lobby level)Lara Furtado, University of Massachusetts Amherst • Igal Charney • Sonia A. Hirt • Jean-Philippe Meloche • Darrel Ramsey-Musolf • Darrel Ramsey-Musolf TH11.00.13 Scrutinizing infrastructre projects in the global era Marti (lobby level)Joe Grengs • Simon Mosbah • Miriam Solis • Joe Grengs TH11.00.14 Placing Politics: Making Places or Making Markets? Oxford (2nd floor)Catherine Guimond • John Stehlin • Alexander Tarr • Juan J Rivero, New York University • Juan J Rivero, New York University TH11.00.15 The City and Adaption to external factors Palm Isle (lobby level)Clarissa Freitas, Universidade Federal do Ceara • Cornelia Dlabaja • Priscila Izar • Eva Kassens-Noor • Eva Kassens-Noor TH11.00.16 Power, Politics and Urban Development Flagler (lobby level)Peter Burns • Lauren Hansen • Alan Peters • James Smith • James Smith TH11.00.17 Sport construction, identity and economic development Dupont (lobby level)Anne Diallo • William Holt • Mark Rosentraub, University of Michigan • William Holt TH11.00.18 Urban indicators and city life Cambridge (2nd floor)Christien Klaufus • Melina Patterson • Luc Pauwels • Megan K. Peppel • Melina Patterson


TH1.30.01 Mixed Income Redevelopment and the Questions of Who Loses and Who Finds Community? Balmoral (2nd floor)Ashley Brown-Burns • James Fraser • Kim Skobba, University of Georgia • Dennis Watson • Deirdre Oakley, Georgia State University TH1.30.02 Informal Urbanism in North America (PART 2, Proposal for a two-panel session) Gusman (lobby level)Evan Casper-Futterman • Kimberley Kinder, University of Michigan • Jason Neville • Kimberley Kinder, University of Michigan TH1.30.04 'Choice' and Forced Housing Mobiliies Windsor (2nd floor)Hayden Shelby, University of California, Berkeley • Cansu Civelek • Ruoniu Wang • LI YIN • Rachel Garshick Kleit TH1.30.05 Race and Revanchism: Gentrification, Law-and-Order and the Spatial Politics of Hegemony Sandringham (2nd floor)Alfredo Huante • Daniel Olmos • Steven Osuna • Cesar Rodriguez • Daniel Olmos TH1.30.06 The racial dynamics of housing, wellbeing, and happiness Escorial (2nd floor)Jack Dustin • Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn • J. Walter Paquin • Jacob Rugh • Jacob Rugh TH1.30.07 Civic and Youth Engagement in Urban Education Star Isle (lobby level)Dorothy Knauer • Stephen Neely • Caroline Andrew, University of Ottawa • Thomas Reio • Caroline Andrew, University of Ottawa TH1.30.10 Obsolescence and Reappropriation in Urban Space Crandon (lobby level)Kristin Koptiuch • Asha Kutty • Gregory Marinic • Bethany Welch TH1.30.12 Rethinking China's Peri-urban Politics Palm Isle (lobby level)Annette Kim, University of Southern California • Kyle Jaros • Nick R. Smith • Yuan Xiao • Nick R. Smith TH1.30.13 'Creating' land: The reuse of vacant and low-density urban spaces Godfrey (lobby level)Jae Teuk Chin • Kevin Gillen • Boah Kim • Andrew Whittemore • Claire Poitras TH1.30.14 Internal Structural Inequality in Cities Hibiscus (lobby level)John J Betancur, University of Illinois at Chicago • Annie Contractor • Gabriel Morales Sod • Elizabeth Mueller, University of Texas at Austin TH1.30.15 Place-based leadership: A route to progressive change? Flagler (lobby level)Neil Bradford • Robin Hambleton, University of the West of England, Bristol • Allison Bramwell, University of North Carolina at Greensboro • David Sweeting • Robin Hambleton, University of the West of England, Bristol TH1.30.16 Fiscal Crises and Austerity: Impacts and Policy Responses Tuttle (lobby level)Yunji Kim • Gary A. Mattson • Miguel Rodrigues • Yuanshuo Xu, Cornell University • Gary A. Mattson TH1.30.17 Empowerment / Enterprise / zones strategies: What works? Dupont (lobby level)Ljubinka Andonoska • Agatha S. Caraballo • Alan Davis • Hyun Kyong (Rosa) Lee TH1.30.18 Transformation of Miami’s Urban Core Michelangelo (2nd floor)Sebawit Bishu • Nicki Fraser • Ramon Trias • Nicki Fraser TH1.30.19 Starving Cities: Issues of Food Security in Urban Areas Oxford (2nd floor)Ben Chrisinger • Matthias Fleischer • Stacy Moak • Joan Wesley, Jackson State University • Joan Wesley, Jackson State University


TH3.15.01 Housing Policies in the Global South: Innovative versus Traditional Approaches Windsor (2nd floor)Lan Deng • Ashok Das, University of Hawaii at Manoa • Giorgio Talocci • Paavo Monkkonen, University of California Los Angeles TH3.15.02 Cross-National Issues in Low Income Subsidized Housing Balmoral (2nd floor)Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway, University of Barcelona • Sarah Cooper, University of Illinois at Chicago • Lei Ping • Laurie Tallotte • Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway, University of Barcelona TH3.15.04 Trends in Community Development Alhambra (2nd floor)Robert Silverman, University at Buffalo • Robyne Stevenson, University of Central Florida • David Swindell • David Swindell TH3.15.05 On Poverty and Race, Do We Still Have Little to Say? Why Race-Oriented Research is Peripheral in Urban Studies Scholarship Escorial (2nd floor)Katherine Fallon • Anna Livia Brand, University of New Orleans • Alex Schafran • Lisa K. Bates, Portland State University • Alex Schafran TH3.15.07 Urban Education: Impacts of Social and Policy Changes Star Isle (lobby level)Jerusha Conner • Paul A. Jargowsky • Vladimir Kogan, The Ohio State University • Vladimir Kogan, The Ohio State University TH3.15.08 New Approaches to Fostering and Sustaining Community Change Palm Isle (lobby level)Mark Chupp • Sara Shadmi-Wortman • Ido Shelem • Mark Chupp TH3.15.09 Strategies for empowerment: moving beyond discourses of victimhood Marti (lobby level)Ann-Margaret Esnard • Kathy Sias • Ramya Ramanath, DePaul University • Pierre Hamel TH3.15.11 Sustainable Practices: Identifying and Understanding Citizens Attitudes to Enviornmental Resources Crandon (lobby level)Ana Lúcia N. d. P. Britto • Sally Geislar • Christopher Hawkins • Ann Johnson TH3.15.12 Equity and Urban Transportation Godfrey (lobby level)Jen Gray-O'Connor • Steven Howland • William Michelson • Liz Williams • Liz Williams TH3.15.14 Migrants in the global era Tuttle (lobby level)Jill Simone Gross • Milena Gomez Kopp • Mehdi Nejatbakhsh • Anne Shlay • Jill Simone Gross TH3.15.15 Citizenship in City-Regions Flagler (lobby level)Christine Hudson • Marta Lackowska • Anders Lidström • Michael Leo Owens, Emory University • Anders Lidström TH3.15.16 The Neoliberal Neighborhood: New Political Landscapes in Detroit and Beyond Michelangelo (2nd floor)Jackson Christopher Bartlett • Meghan Wilson, University of Chicago • Sian Olson Dowis • Brian Sargent • Jackson Christopher Bartlett TH3.15.17 Tourism and city Branding and their impact on economic development Dupont (lobby level)Heather Khan • Evan Cleave, University of Western Ontario • Carlos Suárez-Carrasquillo • Sarah Iannarone, Portland State University • Heather Khan TH3.15.18 Sustainability and Security indicators: national & International Gusman (lobby level)Juste Rajaonson • Portia Rawles • Kevin Smiley • Gordana Rabrenovic