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Friday, April 10

8:05am EDT

FR8.05.01 Preserving access to the city through housing policy Balmoral (2nd floor)Elizabeth Mueller, University of Texas at Austin • Todd Nedwick • Melinda Pollack • Barbara Brown Wilson • Barbara Brown Wilson FR8.05.02 The Challenges of Voucher Housing Sandringham (2nd floor)Kristin L. Perkins • Vincent Reina • Biljana Vasilevska • Anaid Yerena • Robert Silverman, University at Buffalo FR8.05.04 Aging and Disability in Urban Communities Oxford (2nd floor)Kaya Hamer-Small • Kirsten Loutzenhiser • Alex Schwartz,The New School • Leonor Vanik • Alex Schwartz,The New School FR8.05.05 Understanding Sources of Black Unrest in the 21st Century Metropolis: Planning, Policing, and Poverty Escorial (2nd floor)Henry Taylor, University at Buffalo • Harley Etienne • Daniel Monti • Christopher Niedt • Henry Taylor, University at Buffalo FR8.05.07 U.S. Education Policy Confronts Community and Educator Opposition: Activism and Scholarship Star Isle (lobby level)William (Fred) Ellis • Kitty Kelly Epstein • Barbara Ferman • Ryan M. Good • Kimberly Mayfield Lynch, Holy Names University • Kitty Kelly Epstein FR8.05.08 Immigrant Engagement, Participation and Mobilization Michelangelo (2nd floor)Ann Johnson • Ryan Allen, University of Minnesota • Berna Turam, Northeastern University • Ryan Allen, University of Minnesota FR8.05.09 Social and Political Action: Organizational Roles Trinity (2nd floor)Charles Collins • Katherine Hankins • Lorraine Minnite • Philip Nyden • Jessica L. Perez • Katherine Hankins FR8.05.10 Green Infrastructure in Legacy Cities Hibiscus (lobby level)Patty Heyda • Hamil Pearsall • Christina Rosan • Matthew D. Weber • Christina Rosan FR8.05.11 Post-Disaster Cities and Communities Crandon (lobby level)James Connolly • NAZIFE GANAPATI • Julia Nevarez, Kean University • Robert Collins, Dillard University • Robert Collins, Dillard University FR8.05.13 Development policies: Evaluations and critiques Flagler (lobby level)Eran Razin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem • Florence Paulhiac Scherrer, University of Quebec in Montreal • Zhayda Reilly • Eran Razin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem FR8.05.14 Understanding how globalization affects the international context Palm Isle (lobby level)Silvina Lopez Barrera • Patricia Ciorici • Xiulian Ma, Chinese Academy of Governance • Bernadette Hanlon, Ohio State University • Eric Yankson • Bernadette Hanlon, Ohio State University FR8.05.15 Responding to vulnerability and marginalization in urban governance Dupont (lobby level)Yanjun Cai • Jeong Joo Ahn, Arizona State University • Natalie Prochaska, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign • Juliana Wilhoit • Kirk E. Harris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee • Kirk E. Harris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee FR8.05.16 Political Impacts of Urban and Suburban Social Changes Alhambra (2nd floor)Kimberley Johnson, Barnard College • David Edwards • Elizabeth Jones • Jamila Michener • Derek Hyra, American University • Kimberley Johnson, Barnard College FR8.05.17 Tourism and economic development Raphael (2nd floor)Madlyn Bonimy • Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor • Robert Kerstein • Madlyn Bonimy FR8.05.21 Jurisdictional shifts and interlocality Tuttle (lobby level)Thomas Favre-Bulle • David Kanaan • Thomas Skuzinski • Eric Zeemering, Northern Illinois University • David Weinreich • Eric Zeemering, Northern Illinois University FR8.05.19 Health, Well-being, and the Built Environment Cambridge (2nd floor)Antwan Jones • Christian King • Christine Spadola • Crystal Taylor • Edith Barrett

10:30am EDT

FR10.30.01 The Context, Scale and Transferability of Housing Policies in the Global South Balmoral (2nd floor)Adauto Lucio Cardoso • Anuradha Mukherji • Richard Tomlinson • Richard Ronald FR10.30.03 Housing, Health and Overall Well-being Sandringham (2nd floor)Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah • Kirstin Frescoln • Oskari Harjunen • Nicole Ruggiano • Nicole Ruggiano FR10.30.04 State Level Policies and the Impacts on Housing and Neighborhoods Windsor (2nd floor)Josh Akers • Megan Hatch • William Steele • Justin Steil • Megan Hatch FR10.30.05 Ferguson, Metropolitan Fragmentation and Ontologies of Segregation Raphael (2nd floor)Willow Lung-Amam, University of Maryland College Park • Stacey Sutton • Elizabeth Sweet • Elizabeth Sweet FR10.30.06 Spatial Inequality and Segregation Escorial (2nd floor)Xiang Cai • Kiara Douds • Cheryl Hyde • Seth Payton • Seth Payton FR10.30.08 Employment, Education, and Immigrant Settlement Star Isle (lobby level)Stuart Andreason • Alvaro Huerta, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona • Shikun Sun • Sonia Uribe • Stuart Andreason FR10.30.09 Historical Perspectives on Urban (Re)development Palm Isle (lobby level)Vern Baxter • Hector Burga • Robert Heuton • Douglas Appler, University of Kentucky • Robert Heuton FR10.30.10 Art and Culture in Community and Economic Development Gusman (lobby level)Karen Fuller • Erualdo Gonzalez, California State University, Fullerton • Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller • Erualdo Gonzalez, California State University, Fullerton FR10.30.12 Media and place-making strategies: Lessons for cities Crandon (lobby level)Danilo Yanich, University of Delaware • Kyujin Jung • Sergio Montero • Moses Shumow, Florida International University • Moses Shumow, Florida International University FR10.30.13 New directions in urban sustainability debates Godfrey (lobby level)Lars A. Engberg, Aalborg University Copenhagen • Shaibu Bala Garba • Chin Siong Ho • Lars A. Engberg, Aalborg University Copenhagen FR10.30.14 (Re) Constructing CIties: Global-Local Dynamics Tuttle (lobby level)Sisi Meng • Nabil Nazha • Juan-Pablo Sarmiento • Peter Burns FR10.30.18 Towards Health Equity: Understanding Approaches and Challenges Cambridge (2nd floor)Susan Longworth, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago • Mark Daniel • Michele Deegan • Kelechi Uzochukwu • Sulhee (Sunny) Yoon • Stacy Moak FR10.30.19 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Promoting Healthy Communities Michelangelo (2nd floor)Jane Branscomb • Colleen Casey • Laurie Cohen • Kimberly Libman • Kimberly Libman

1:45pm EDT

FR1.45.01 Housing the Senior Surge: Emerging Issues as the Boomers Pass 60 Balmoral (2nd floor)Claudia Aranda • Jennifer Molinsky • Rolf Pendall • Robert Pitingolo • Sandra Rosenbloom • Diane Levy FR1.45.02 Housing, Transportation, and Socio-economic Neighborhood Status Alhambra (2nd floor)Elizabeth Korver-Glenn • Matt Ruther • Abigail Qian ZHOU FR1.45.04 Issues of Locational Attainment and Mobility Windsor (2nd floor)D Augustus Anderson • George Galster • Junia Howell • Wesley Meares • Mark Joseph, Case Western Reserve University • Mark Joseph, Case Western Reserve University FR1.45.05 Sweat (In)Equity?: Alternative Transportation and Inequality in US Cities Tuttle (lobby level)Eve Bratman • Carrie Makarewicz, University of Colorado – Denver • Aaron Golub • Melody Hoffmann • Do J. Lee • Arlie Adkins, PhD • Aaron Golub FR1.45.06 Why Place Matters in Income Inequality Hibiscus (lobby level)Miranda Martinez • Rahul Pathak • Amruta Sakalker • Jennifer Scott • Kyungsoon Wang • Bethany Welch FR1.45.08 Immigration, Race and Diversity Escorial (2nd floor)Felipe A. Filomeno • Xi Huang • Anna Kim • J.S. Onésimo Sandoval • Richard Smith • Richard Smith FR1.45.09 The Politics of Space: Identity, Memory and Planning Godfrey (lobby level)Juan Antonio Bueno • Heather Jamerson • Dorie Perez • Ian Simpkins • Claire Poitras FR1.45.10 The Role of Social Media in the Rise of New Forms of Urban Citizenship Palm Isle (lobby level)Nina Kasniunas • Kyungwoo Kim • Jesus Valero • Nina Kasniunas FR1.45.11 Environmental Justice: Assessing the Role of Communities, the State and Corporations Gusman (lobby level)Yasminah Beebeejaun • Sima Namin • Mia Renauld • Yasminah Beebeejaun FR1.45.12 Who Makes Detroit? Determinants of Place-Making in the Shrinking City Michelangelo (2nd floor)Janice Bockmeyer • Dana Kornberg • Amy Krings • Margaret Dewar, University of Michigan • Janice Bockmeyer FR1.45.13 Disaster Management & Institutional Support Crandon (lobby level)Matthew Bradley • Yona Jebrak • Jesseca Short • Julia Nevarez, Kean University FR1.45.16 Dissecting participatory mechanisms and their impact on the citizenry Dupont (lobby level)Jose W. Melendez • Arturo Flores, National Autonomous University of Mexico • Carissa Slotterback • Carissa Slotterback FR1.45.17 Improving Public Safety: Community Control vs. Security Flagler (lobby level)Christine Barrow • Claudia Caruso • Caché Owens • Pierre Hamel FR1.45.18 Understanding the twin epidemics of substance abuse and HIV/AIDS affecting Latino communities throughout Miami-Dade County, Florida Cambridge (2nd floor)Frank Dillon • Hui Huang • Mariano Kanamori • Patria Rojas • Mariana Sanchez • Mario De La Rosa

3:40pm EDT

FR3.40.01 The End of “Public” Housing? Policy Frameworks and Implementation on HUD’s 50th Anniversary Balmoral (2nd floor)Prentiss Dantzler • James Hanlon • Leah Hendey • Amy Khare • Lawrence J. Vale • Amy Khare FR3.40.02 21st Century Issues in Community Development Gusman (lobby level)Christopher Wyczalkowski • Yue Zhang • Andrew Zitcer • Andrew Zitcer FR3.40.03 Issues of Housing Financing in the 'Post-Recession' Age Windsor (2nd floor)Antwan Hampton • Dan Immergluck • Maria Y. Rodriguez • Dale Thomson • Jaewoong Won • Dale Thomson FR3.40.04 Impact of the Great Recession on Housing Issues Alhambra (2nd floor)Michael Lens, University of California, Los Angeles • Jaclene Begley • Jacob Faber • Peter Rich • Daniel Hammel, University of Toledo • Jaclene Begley FR3.40.05 Magic City: Dreaming Miami Raphael (2nd floor)Fabiana Brunetta • Guillermo Grenier • Sallie Hughes • J. Miguel Kanai • Patricia Price • Patricia Price FR3.40.06 Urban Poverty: Concepts, Causes, and Change Sandringham (2nd floor)C. Aujean Lee • Douglas Muzzio • Graham Squires • Christopher Wheeler • Douglas Muzzio FR3.40.07 School Choice and Privatization Star Isle (lobby level)Stephen Danley • Megan Gallagher • Sarah R. Gearhart • Leslie Martin • Aaron Rollins • Megan Gallagher FR3.40.08 Immigration, Diversity and Identity Michelangelo (2nd floor)Richard Jelier • Mara Sidney • Sule Toktas • Mara Sidney FR3.40.09 Helping or harming distressed neighborhoods? Assessing the economic impacts of historical assets Tuttle (lobby level)Sarah Coffin • Candi Clouse, Cleveland State University • Biqi Zhao • Candi Clouse, Cleveland State University FR3.40.10 Art, Theater, and Placemaking Hibiscus (lobby level)Jeff Biggar • Amy Marr • Jie Zheng • Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller FR3.40.12 Challenges in managing urban growth and densification Godfrey (lobby level)Oluwarokan Charles Alonge • Priscilla Ananian • Annette Steinacker, Loyola University Chicago • Amal K. Ali, Salisbury University • Annette Steinacker, Loyola University Chicago FR3.40.15 Intergovernmental collaboration and competition: Reshaping regional and metropolitan governance Flagler (lobby level)Brady Baybeck • Rafał Gajewski • David Hamilton • Lin Ye, Sun Yat-sen University • Lin Ye, Sun Yat-sen University FR3.40.17 Economic indicators & measurements considerations Dupont (lobby level)Ned Hill • Eric Joseph van Holm • Margaret Cowell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University • Janey Wang • Margaret Cowell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University FR3.40.18 Rethinking the Impacts of Criminal Justice and Violence in Urban Contexts Trinity (2nd floor)Miriam Northcutt Bohmert • Tia Sheree Gaynor • David Karas • Anna Santiago • Anna Santiago FR3.40.20 Inersections of Housing and Health Oxford (2nd floor)Maya Boustani • James Dunn • Christine George • Susan Popkin • Christine George