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Saturday, April 11

9:00am EDT

SA9.00.01 Place-based Change: Housing and Community Development Initiatives in Miami Raphael (2nd floor)Emily Eisenhauer • Arden Shank • Claudia Villalta • Emily Eisenhauer SA9.00.02 Food Access and Other Challenges of Residential Segregation and Neighborhood Change Balmoral (2nd floor)Ferzana Havewala • Hee-Jung Jun • Kelly Kinahan • Peter Rosenblatt • Jeffrey Timberlake • Jeffrey Timberlake SA9.00.03 Policy Making Towards Informal Housing Production in the US: Unanticipated Consequences and Workarounds Sandringham (2nd floor)Carlos Olmedo, University of Texas at Austin • Noah Durst • Jake Wegmann • Jake Wegmann SA9.00.04 U.S Public Housing Transformation and Relocation Outcomes Windsor (2nd floor)Susan Clampet-Lundquist • Joanna Lucio, Arizona State University • Michael Leo Owens, Emory University • Susan Clampet-Lundquist SA9.00.05 Miami Administrators in Black Miami Neighborhoods as Urban Transformation Engineers: Social Equity and the Tale of Two Citizenships Escorial (2nd floor)Vivian Cueto • Karen Fuller • Andrea Marie Headley • Melissa Gomez Hernandez • Susannah Bruns-Ali SA9.00.06 Industry and employment in the city Alhambra (2nd floor)Ziona Austrian • Abdy Javadzadeh • Elsie Harper-Anderson, Virginia Commonwealth University • Merissa Piazza, Cleveland State University • Merissa Piazza, Cleveland State University SA9.00.08 Factors Driving Immigrant Mobility Cambridge (2nd floor)Robert M Anthony • Priscilla Chagas • Cathy Liu • Jonas Nielsen • Ivis García Zambrana, PhD • Cathy Liu SA9.00.11 Analyzing Green Technology, Infrastructure and Continuing Environmental Challenges Crandon (lobby level)Ming-Chun Lee • Iryna Lendel, Cleveland State University • Chen Zhang • Richard Feiock SA9.00.12 Key challenges for transportation policies Godfrey (lobby level)cameron.herrington • Lingqian Hu • Mischa Young • Ann Johnson SA9.00.13 Disaster responses: case-studies in the US Trinity (2nd floor)Donald F. Norris, University of Maryland, Baltimore County • Carlos Martin, Urban Institute • Michael Wilson SA9.00.14 The Municipal Revolution Revisited: Critical Views of Urban Governance and Policy Flagler (lobby level)Thomas Greitens • Meghan Joy • Louise Jezierski, Michigan State University SA9.00.16 The participatory game and its different actors Dupont (lobby level)Adria Buchanan • Kari Smith • Keith Veal • Xuefan Zhang • Kari Smith SA9.00.17 Downtown and Inner City Economic Recovery Gusman (lobby level)Carlos Balsas, University at Albany • Tuna Batuhan • Spencer T. Clayton • T. William Lester • Carlos Balsas, University at Albany SA9.00.18 Financing urban development Tuttle (lobby level)NakHyeok Choi • Bridget Fisher • Min Kim • Derwin Munroe • Heywood Sanders, University of Texas at San Antonio SA9.00.20 Measuring progress towards sustainability Oxford (2nd floor)Ronggui HUANG • Sara Hughes • Rachel Krause, University of Kansas • Josephine Schafer • Rachel Krause, University of Kansas

10:30am EDT

SA10.30.02 How Revitization Works on the Ground: Who Stays, Who Goes, Who Benefits Balmoral (2nd floor)Meagan Ehlenz • Wes Grooms • Russ Lopez • Ned Murray • Kathryn Howell, Virginia Commonwealth University • Kathryn Howell, Virginia Commonwealth University SA10.30.03 Challenges and New Solutions To Subsidizing Low Income Housing Sandringham (2nd floor)John Gilderbloom • Charles Kaye-Essien • Wonhyung Lee, University at Albany, State University of New Yor • John Gilderbloom SA10.30.04 Income, Homeowndership, and Neighborhood Dynamics Windsor (2nd floor)Corey Bunje Bower • Alexandra Browning • Angela Di Nello • Amber Trout • Katrin Anacker, George Mason University • Corey Bunje Bower SA10.30.05 Redefining identity: transnational and other perspectives Michelangelo (2nd floor)Amilcar Antonio Barreto • Barrett Lee • Sang S. Lee • Himabindu Timiri • Thomas Vicino, Northeastern University SA10.30.06 Intersectionality: From structural inequalities to the everyday encounter Escorial (2nd floor)Vera Zambonelli, University of Hawaiʻi / Hawai'i Women in Filmmaking • Misun Hur • Malka Greenberg Raanan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem • Ashley E. Nickels • Vera Zambonelli, University of Hawaiʻi / Hawai'i Women in Filmmaking SA10.30.07 The spatial dynamics of environmental injustice Raphael (2nd floor)Isabelle Anguelovski • Molly Makris • Jorge M Otero • Molly Makris SA10.30.09 Civil Society, Deliberative Democracy and Citizenship Cambridge (2nd floor)Jacob Norvig Larsen • Caroline Patsias • Anne Taufen Wessells • Anne Taufen Wessells SA10.30.11 (Re)Defining Urban Places Trinity (2nd floor)Farhad Atash • Djamel Boussaa • Changwook Kim • Jill Simone Gross SA10.30.13 Vacancy as Opportunity in Legacy Cities Godfrey (lobby level)Scarlett Andrews • Catalina Freixas • Yuki Kato • Marie Macchiarolo • Yuki Kato SA10.30.14 Green growth: challenges for sustainability Crandon (lobby level)Corina McKendry, Colorado College • Zoé Lejeune • Nathaniel Wright • Nathaniel Wright SA10.30.16 Networked governance: State, market, and nonprofit power relations Dupont (lobby level)Jered Carr • Arturo Díaz Cruz • Nilton Ricoy Torres • Anna Uster • Jered Carr SA10.30.17 Examining structural change in global times Oxford (2nd floor)Joshua Ambrosius • Twyla Blackmond Larnell, Loyola University Chicago • Sarah Jenkins • Nicholas Martinez • Joshua Ambrosius SA10.30.18 Contradictions of the creative city: inequality, economic mobility, and the arts Alhambra (2nd floor)Melanie Fasche • Matthew Kaliner • Ric Kolenda • Colby King, Bridgewater State University • Ric Kolenda SA10.30.19 Alternative approches for understanding economic development Tuttle (lobby level)Michael Broadway • Yanmei Li • Dustin Read, Virginia Tech • Dustin Read, Virginia Tech SA10.30.20 Metropolitan Management and Collaborative Governance Flagler (lobby level)William Borges • Bonnie Lindstrom • Jose Manuel Rodriguez-Alvarez • Bonnie Lindstrom