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Friday, April 10

9:50am EDT

PS1 Mental Slavery: The Faces of Power Understood through the Music of the Jamaican Urban Underclass Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Craig Barham PS10.0 Urban change and housing in Germany Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Natasha Tursi PS11.0 Waking Up in Our Own House: Homeless Mothers’ Perspectives on Housing Stability and Child Well-Being Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Scott Brown PS12.0 Understanding the role of built design in neighborhood revitalization and stabilization Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Katherine Dostart PS13.0 Buying In: Putting a Price on Urbanity in the Digital City Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Luc Guillemot PS14.0 Transformation of Low-income Settlements into Public Housing: A Case of Kadifekale Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Melis Kural PS15.0 Do Affordable Homes Look Different? Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Cody Price PS16.0 Focus On Detroit: Films Representing and Explaining Detroit’s Crisis to the World Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Louise Jezierski, Michigan State University PS18.0 Gentrification's Pace: How Senior Citizens are Affected in the Urban Core Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Katherine Wilson PS21.0 Examining the Impact of 'Ban the Box' Policies on Hiring Processes Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Laura Bogardus PS23.0 Exclusionary Land Use Policies: A Path to Residential Segregation? Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Jennifer Sloan, University of Texas at Arlington PS25.0 A tale of two cities? Citizenship and the privatization of security in Miami Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Thijs Jeursen PS26.0 Community Policing: Bridging the gap between minority communities and the police force Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)James Wright II PS27.0 Knowledge and Risk of Hepatitis C Infection among Latino Criminal Justice Clients in Miami, Florida Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Rehab Auf PS28.0 Towards a model of a multi-ethnic neighborhood Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)David Kaplan PS29.0 Racial Residential Segregation and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Non-Hispanic Blacks, National Survey of Family Growth, 2006-2010 Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Khaleeq Lutfi PS3.0 How art museums influence who uses, and how people use neighborhood space Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Justin Meyer PS30.0 Neighborhood characteristics and cause of death among HIV-positive Latinos, Florida, 2000-2011 Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Diana M. Sheehan PS31.0 Everyday place making among neighborhood residents Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Jyoti Gupta, Vanderbilt University PS32.0 Finding a link between brownfields revitalization and equitable development in Southeast Florida region Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Jeniffer Shin PS34.0 Brazil, Distributed Generation, and the Geopolitics of Global Energy Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Allison Bridges PS4.0 Tacos, Generators, and Revitalization: How Oklahoma City Food Truck Vendors Navigate Local Regulation Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)James Eldridge PS5.0 Youth are making life decisions in New Jersey Public Schools Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Danielle Davis PS35.0 Urban Agriculture (UA): Innovative Use of Private Property for the Public Good Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Rania Ahmed PS36.0 Evaluation framework for a new model of integrated sociomedical outreach at Florida International University Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)David Brown PS37.0 PROJECT TREBLE: An Examination of an Innovative Music Education Program for Promoting Resilience among Urban Minority Youth Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Michelle Hospital PS38.0 Health Care for All: A Case Study of a Local Health Alliance and its Pursuit of Better Health Outcomes While Reducing Costs Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Straso Jovanovski, Rutgers University - Camden PS39.0 Food Deserts and County-Level Health Outcomes: An Analysis of The 28-County Metropolitan Atlanta Area Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Jason Plummer PS40.0 Landscape Anthropometrics: A multi-scale approach to integrating health into regional land use planning Biscayne Ballroom (2nd floor)Arthi Rao

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